THE COOKAWAY TREE


           Roger Cook-Gill Stevens-Grant Heywood-Vernon Merrick-Brian Holly                                                                       Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows-Roger Maggs

                       SAPHIRES 57/59                                                                                                  HI FI'S 56/57


                               Roger Cook-Gill Stevens-Avril Woolcot                                                                      Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows-Roger Maggs-Geoff Williams

                            LONDONS 59/62                                                                             BELLTONES 57/58


                                                        Roger Cook & Gill Stevens                                                      Roger  Greenway-Tony Burrows-Roger Maggs-Geoff Williams

                                    JON & JULIE 61/63                                                            KESTRELS 58/63


                                                                         Roger Cook-Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows Roger Maggs                Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows

                                                                                            KESTRELS 64                                                        ONE & ONE 64


                                                                                                                              Roger Cook-Roger Greenaway

                                                                               DAVID & JONATHAN 66/68


                                              Alan Parker-Herbie Flowers-Barry Morgan-Ray Cooper-Roger Cook-Madeline Bell-Roger Coulam-Ann Odell-Mike Moran

                                                                                        BLUE MINK 69/77


                                                                                      Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows-Johnny Goodison-Sue-Sunny Leslie

                                                                         BROTHERHOOD OF MAN 70/73


                                                                                   Roger Cook-Roger Greenaway                                            Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows

                                                            CAMPUS KAZOO 70                          NAKED TRUTH 70


          Roger Cook-Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows-Johnny Goodison-Sue-Sunny             Roger Greenaway-Tony Burrows                         Roger Greenaway-John Carter

                         CURRANT CRAZE 70                                      PIPKINS 70/74                     DRIFTWOOD 72


                                                    R Greenaway-R Cook-T Burrows-R Shaw-P Nelson-R Wolff-R Box-R Hills-J Bailey-B Johnson-R Reynolds-R Horne

                                                                                      WHITE PLAINS 70/76


                                                                                                              Roger Greenaway-Nick Glennie Smith-Ian Sane

                                                                                                          NASHVILLE SOUL ORCHESTRA 76


                                                                                                                                                      Roger Greenaway-Nick Glennie Smith-Laurie Mansfield

                                  Hugh Cornwall-Roger Cook-Andy West                                            EXCELSUS 81

                                           CCW 91/92